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BEE Bonus Episode Letitia Henderson, Founder, Principal Consultant, Exceptional Community Connections, LLC

Letitia Henderson, a native of Oakland, California. She is a powerful, skilled, connected, talented, and creative Principal Consultant who has an exceptional ability to bring people together for the purpose of community building and profitable connections. Letitia, launched Exceptional Community Connections, in 2015 to expand her passion for Public Speaking, Team Building Facilitation, Educational Program Design, and Fundraising. In […]


BEE 046 Brian Fontenot, Transformation Specialist, CEO, Founder + Director BLF Foundation

BEE 46 – Brian Fontenot, BLF Foundation   Brian Fontenot, Transformation Specialist, founder, CEO and Director of the BLF Foundation, a nonprofit focused on providing mentorship and scholarship opportunities for minorities. In this episode Brian talks about how, having achieved great success himself, he felt compelled to give back to the community by helping students […]


BEE 060 Agent of Social Change, Allyson Scrutchens, Founder and President of Forward Planning Inc.

Allyson Scrutchens, Founder and President of Forward Planning Inc. She is an Agent of Social Change and created FORWARD Planning with the goal of empowering and liberating those individuals who are willing to strive towards the achievement of their aspirations.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Learn more about your ad […]