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Welcome to the heart of our mission: preserving the cherished voices and stories of your loved ones through legacy audio files and providing peace of mind with comprehensive asset documentation. I’m thrilled you’ve considered partnering with us on this journey of preserving and celebrating your family’s unique history. Here’s how we can work together:”

Initial Consultation

Our journey begins with a 15-minute consultation, delving into your goals, needs, and the comprehensive stories and asset documentation you desire. Receive expert guidance on the best approach, and let us tailor our services to bring your unique vision to life.

Customized Recording Sessions

Our specialized services: Family Audio Legacy and Asset Documentation. Whether virtual or on-site (additional cost), our team creates a relaxed atmosphere. Capture cherished memories for your family's audio legacy with options for audio and video. Additionally, we document assets, ensuring peace of mind through comprehensive inventory and photography.

Customized Packages

Every family has its unique story, cherished treasures, and valuable assets. Discover our customized packages designed to fulfill your specific needs. Whether it's preserving memorable stories or documenting assets, we'll create a plan that brings you peace of mind.

Legacy Recording and Asset Documentation

Our skilled team transforms recordings into captivating audio and video files while providing meticulous asset documentation, ensuring a comprehensive preservation of your legacy.

Preservation and Sharing

Once your files are ready, we'll help you choose the optimal preservation and sharing methods. Options include audio, video, photos, inventory documentation sheets, with choices of hard copy or electronic formats. This encompasses digital archives, distribution to family, and even crafting a podcast series for a broader audience.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment goes beyond family audio legacy recording. We offer ongoing support for any questions, updates, or future recordings you may desire. It's not just about preserving voices and stories; we also focus on protecting your assets. We ensure that your family's legacy is a cherished and celebrated gift, providing both the reassurance of preserved voices and the peace of mind that your assets are protected for years to come.

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