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One-Hour Coaching Call

If you’ve never worked with a coach before, or if you’re stuck and just need a little direction to get moving again, this is the package for you.

The One-Hour Coaching Call includes:

  • 15 minutes for Client Assessment Process (CAP) + Expectations: You’ll discuss your concerns, questions, and problems.
  • 15 minutes for Coach Assessment Summary (CAS): Coach will assess, analyze, and summarize what you’re going through.
  • 15 minutes for Exploration – We’ll explore options and solutions that are open to you.
  • 15 minutes to summarize the call, next steps, and action plan.

Your investment for the One-Hour Coaching Call is $99.

Second Base

If you’re looking for more guidance than what you’ll receive in an hour-long session, it’s time to move to second base. This package includes four one-hour coaching sessions over a one month period.

During our time together, we’ll craft an action plan that will help you escape your dead-end job, ignite your passion for life, and fulfill the purpose on your heart.

Your investment for Second Base is $399.

Home Run

Are you ready to knock your life out of the park? That’s exactly what we’ll do during our three months of working together. We’ll have 12 one-hour coaching sessions during which we’ll create your action plan for your life and make real progress in getting you to follow it and see the results you’ve always wanted to see.

Your investment for a Home Run is $1050.

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