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BEE 140 A Gift To Africa CEO + Founder Sabina Zunguze

Founded in 2005 by a Zimbabwean native, Sabina Zunguze, as a USA-based social enterprise in Salt Lake City, Utah with a sole purpose of empowering African business women grow their businesses sustainably and enter into global markets using fair trade principles. Since its inception, the company has worked with over 300 women in 8 different […]


Bonus Shop Black Week (SBW) with Aysha Jackson

Shop Black Week (SBW) encourages all consumers across the country to conduct business with at least one African American-owned establishment from November 22 through November 29 (the actual Black Friday date). The following video explains all about it. Why have a single Black Friday to launch the holiday season buying power? The week-long event allows […]


Bonus Solo With Dr. Frances Richards

Checking in and thanking all my fans, and supporters for helping to grow and expand our reach. Our goal for 2020 is 50K and beyond. We appreciate every share, subscribe and listen. We need your feedback, respond to or connect via my website  Check out this episode!


BEE 133 Skincare For Men of Color, Founder Patrick Boateng II of Ceylon by Anim Labs

“At Ceylon, our mission is to create accessible, easy-to-use products, specifically formulated to help men of color achieve the best possible skin.” After struggling with acne, razor bumps, hyper-pigmentation, and other chronic skin problems, Patrick created Ceylon as a way to give guys like him great skincare products suitable for their basic needs. Years ago, Patrick moved […]