Hi, I’m Dr. Frances Richards, Strategic Life Coach and your personal Chief Encouraging Officer. My mission is to invoke and provoke YOU to pursue a passionate extraordinary life and not settle for anything less! Within you is something great; a powerful desire that is waiting and wanting to be ignited and released NOW! In life you should do what you love and love what you do!

My Story…

The journey started at Sweet 16, I brought the myth that a college degree would take me to my happily ever after (financial freedom + satisfying career) equals a husband, the house with the white picket fence, two cars and four kids.

To fill my life’s void I ventured down the academic path (BA/MBA/Ph.D.), each road caused more confusion and the struggle to find purpose and passion intensified. Determination, desire and lots of disappointing career moves created a collision with the life coaching industry.

This interception led me to “my” doing what I love and loving what I do Strategic Life Coach and Chief Encouraging Officer.  Now my life is full of fire, passion and purpose.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of individuals unlock their passion and discover their authentic voice.  Many struggle with this same problem and guess what  “I have answers.”Work With Me

My BIG Dreams

  • Inspire and ignite 100,000 (+) women to be your best version of you.
  • Visit all top spas in the world (massage + relax).
  • Take private dance lesson often and learn the Argentina Tango (in Argentina).

Let's Engage!

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