Dr Frances Richards


Host of the Black Entrepreneur Experience Podcast (with over 400 episodes) and CEO of Arlean Richards Media Company. HELPING INDIVIDUALS PRESERVE THEIR LEGACY, RECORD HISTORY, AND CAPTURE MEMORIES WITH THEIR OWN VOICE

  Are there particular milestones or significant life events you would like to recount and have recorded?

 √  Is there a particular family history, tradition, or personal experience that you would like to share and ensure it is preserved for future generations?

  Are you or a loved one diagnosed with early stages of alzheimer or dementia and interested in capturing your personal story for posterity?

 √  Have you considered leaving an audio story or a voice memoir as a unique way to convey your wishes and legacy?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, we invite you to book a consultation to embark on your journey of recording your legacy audio and storytelling session with Dr. Frances Richards Now!  We look forward to helping YOU capture and preserve your unique story for generations to come.