Choose the one that best fits your situation and needs right now.

One-Hour Of Power

If you’ve never worked with a Food Relationship Eating Expert before, or if you’re struggling with what’s next and how to get started, this is the package for you.

The One-Hour Coaching Call includes:

  • 15 minutes for Client Assessment Process (CAP) + Expectations: You’ll discuss your concerns, questions, and problems.
  • 15 minutes for Coach Assessment Summary (CAS): Coach will assess, analyze, and summarize what you’re going through.
  • 15 minutes for Exploration – We’ll explore options and solutions that are open to you.
  • 15 minutes to summarize the call, next steps, and action plan.

Your investment for the One-Hour of Power is $625.


If you’re looking for more guidance, accountability and you’re committed to a deeper discovery of your emotions in relationship to food. It’s time to say Yes to  F.R.E.E. Me!  This package includes four one-hour coaching sessions over a one month period.

During our time together, we’ll craft an action plan that will help you escape your dependency to focus on food, empowering you to refocus on self-care and embracing self-love.

Your investment for F.R.E.E is $2500.