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BEE 147 Brooke S. Sinclair, Chief Strategist of Velour Imports

America’s finest craft alcoholic beverages of beer, wine, and cider is being distributed to luxury resorts and hotels around the world and a cloud based technology is monitoring the locations, and temperatures because one woman, Brooke S. Sinclair, the Chief Strategist behind this unique brand and company, Velour Imports is making it happen. Website […]


BEE 142 40 Under 40 Influencer, TedX Speaker, CEO Jay Veal

Jay Veal is the CEO of INC Tutoring, the #1 African-American owned private tutoring company in DFW serving students of all ages in STEM and beyond. He is also Founder/CEO of The Jay Veal Brand which is a Dallas-based premier consulting brand that deploys education and business consulting services as well as speaking services (Host, […]


BEE 140 A Gift To Africa CEO + Founder Sabina Zunguze

Founded in 2005 by a Zimbabwean native, Sabina Zunguze, as a USA-based social enterprise in Salt Lake City, Utah with a sole purpose of empowering African business women grow their businesses sustainably and enter into global markets using fair trade principles. Since its inception, the company has worked with over 300 women in 8 different […]