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BEE 219 America’s Leading Quit Coach, Social Media Influencers + Global Marketing Powerhouse Dawniel Winningham

Dawniel Winningham. Former JP Morgan Chase Vice President, Certified Executive Coach, Master Sales, Master Business, and Master Life Coach.   Website:   Subscribe to our mailing list to receive weekly updates and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox!   Connect on Facebook Check out this episode!


BEE 241 Lead HR Consultant Total HR Solutions CEO Tracee L. Hunt ~ Bonus

Tracee is the lead HR strategist and mentors both internal and external consultants in providing HR solutions that are data driven, bottom-line focused and with a personal touch. She is known for her astute business acumen and her ability to translate business goals and objectives into successful human capital strategies that support organizational success. Additionally, […]


BEE 217 Rising Real Estate Mogul, Millennial Entrepreneurs, Power Couple, Majesty + Elize Gayle

Millennial entrepreneur and rising real estate mogul Majesty Gayle as he and his wife Elize overcome the hurdles of renovating properties, launching a multimillion dollar hedge fund and providing solutions for Atlanta’s affordable housing crisis through Push Nation. The couple also founded; an organization that inspires Black people from around the world to leverage their collective power and be the best […]


BEE 216 Cancer Survivor, C Suite Strategic Advisor and Communications Expert, Charlene Wheeless

Charlene Wheeless is a renowned communications expert, author, and speaker with more than three decades of experience in business, corporate affairs, and communications experience. She leads her namesake communications and business advisory firm, Charlene Wheeless LLC, and she is the senior advisor for equity and justice at APCO Worldwide, a global advisory and advocacy communications […]