BEE 270 Filmmaker Takes on Hot Topics Dealing With The Black Experience, Ryan Culver

After his brother is killed by a cop, Kenny is forced to confront the one thing #blackpeople have fearedfor over 400 years.

Ryan Culver   (DIRECTOR) – Ryan Culver was born and raised in Minnesota. He works full-time as a suitin Corporate America and also enjoys coaching NBA players from his couch, although they neverseem to hear his yelling through the tv.

Ryan wrote, produced and directed his first feature film The Education of a Negro over the course of23 months. Pen went to paper shortly after the not-guilty verdict in the Philando Castile trial. Over thecourse of two years the team conducted table reads, re-writes, auditions, screen tests, pre-production,principal photography and a 6-month post production period…all done part-time with the willing helpof an awesome cast, crew and production team!

Ryan has already finished drafts of his next three screenplays. The first is a conflict driven drama-thriller working titled Black Clown. The second re-imagines the year 2020 where Jim Crow is still thelaw of the land. The third is a time-travel thriller that explores the question “what happens when there is no time to travel back to?”


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