BEE 248 CEO & Co-Founder of Invest 2 Give, LLC, Stock & Options Trading Coach, Dr. Laquore Meadows

Stock & options trading coach DrLaquore Meadows, CEO & Co-Founder of Invest2Give, LLC. 

Inspired by a generous donation of 5.3 million dollars to an organization that she leads, Laquore began her trading career with the aspiration to be independently wealthy. Her why — to someday gift a financial legacy that would be the answer to someone else’s prayers. Beginning with a small seed she has since successfully leveraged the stock market to accomplish this goal.

A teacher at heart, Laquore shares her financial knowledge with students across ages and experience levels. Using the world as her classroom, she works with organizations and individuals to not only catalyze a conversation about using trading as an opportunity to diversify their income streams, she walks alongside her students to teach them how.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Laquore is on a relentless mission to build a bridge between aspiring investors and their financial goals. When she is not teaching you will find her spending time with family, dancing the evening away during a class of Zumba, or traveling across the world while building her bag trading on the stock market.


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