BEE 244 Former Bravo Star & Entrepreneur; Give a Voice to Women of Color, Bianca Banks

Bianca Banks, actress and former star of Bravo’s Invite Only Cabo, who has now started her own podcast platform titled The MND Show which is streamed through Dash Radio. Bianca hosts the show alongside her daughter, Jasmine Shannon. Jasmine is a professional dancer and choreographer who has danced for the NBA, and alongside stars like Kanye West, Lil Mama, OT Genasis, and many more. 

Bianca and Jasmine’s podcast platform is based on telling stories of women who are building successful lives and legacies, and giving a voice to women of color. During such polarizing times in our society, there has never been a more important opportunity to embrace and emphasize the significance of hearing from women of color, and championing their stories. Through sharing their intimate experiences, Bianca and her daughter Jasmine hope to bring different perspectives to close the generational gap between people of similar ages to her and her daughter. Their podcast encompasses current events, trending issues, as well as personal stories, and they are always seeking new ways to use their platform to empower women from all walks of life. 

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