BEE 261 Wig-Making Beauty Expert, Founder & Owner of Lavish Locs Hair Company, Jasica Gray (Bonus)

Jasica Gray, the wig-making, beauty guru behind Lavish Locs Hair Company. Jasica was born and raised in Dallas with passion for making women feel and look beautiful. She has worked on New York Fashion Week and with some of the top beauty brands in the country including: Oscar Blandi Hair Products, Freeze 24/7, Lancome, Trish McEvoy, and Toni & Guy. Four years ago, Jasica decided to take her passion for making women feel beautiful and experience in the beauty industry and turn them into Lavish Locs Hair Company. Jasica and Lavish Locs Hair Company strive to enhance womens’ natural beauty and by providing excellent hair and education to all their clients. Jasica is particularly passionate about working with women who suffer from hair loss. She believes that hair is a natural extension of a woman’s beauty and strives to make all women, from all walks of life, feel beautiful and confident. 

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