BEE 196 Investing + Funding Black Businesses for $100, Cheree Warrick, 10K Project

In 2005, Cheree began her entrepreneurial career in the family business. Her mother was a bookkeeper in Northern Virginia. Cheree prospected for business, prepared financial statements for clients, and reviewed clients’ financial options within their businesses.

Years later, Cheree decided to strike out on her own and started a business plan writing company. Over an 8 year period, she helped companies raise millions of dollars. The most successful fundraisers already had a network of high net worth individuals who gladly put in $100,000 or more (each) into their startup. They could raise millions within a few weeks of Cheree completing their business plan. Her black clients (most of whom had great ideas but didn’t have these relationships) would struggle to receive funding. Cheree knew that there had to be a solution to this massive problem.

In 2018, Cheree recognized the solution. Our people would invest small amounts of money into black-owned businesses if they knew those businesses existed. The JOBS Act of 2012 allowed us to come together in order to invest as a community. Cheree’s mission is to build the largest, most recognized equity crowdfunding platform that helps black businesses raise $1 billion each year.


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