BEE 178 Film Producer, High Stakes Pokerplayer, American Hedge Fund Manager + Author, Bill Perkins III

Bill Perkins, author of the provocative new book DIE WITH ZERO: Getting All You Can From Your Money and Your Life 


BILL PERKINS is the CEO of BrisaMax Holdings and the living embodiment of what he preaches. After training on Wall Street, Perkins made his fortune in Houston as an energy trader. These days, Perkins is recognized for his glamorous lifestyle, high-stakes poker games, and outrageous novelty wagers. He very much lives every day to the fullest. Called “The Last Cowboy” in a recent Wall Street Journal profile he describes himself as a “Z-list” celebrity. But Perkins has somehow been featured in Reuters, Financial Times, TIME magazine, CigarAficionado, BusinessInsider, and appears frequently on CNBC-TV and posts about his exploits–on Instagram (@billperkins) to his 178K followers.





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