Are Black Entrepreneurs Participating in #DeleteFacebook Movement?

How are Black entrepreneurs, Black people and Black leaders responding to the #DeleteFacebook Movement? In case you are wondering what #DeleteFacebook is all about here is a quick summary.

It is alleged that Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO/owner/billionaire) allowed the data firm Cambridge Analytical to pull personal data from 50 million Facebook users for its work on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential   campaign.

Are we sitting back and it is business as usual, or is it just too much to wrap our pretty little heads around; so we stick our heads in the sand and do nothing, going about our merry way singing old Negro Spirituals “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen” because “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child.”

There are so many problems in the world today. Let’s bring this conversation up close and personal…. there is so much  trouble in the black community. We must move the dialogue even closer and get right in your face….there are way too many problems in Our Communities……I know you knew that, this is definitely not “Breaking News”!

So what do we do NOW, how do we focus, where do we start?  Do we march with “Black Lives Matter” or do we “March for our Lives” to stop gun violence because enough is enough? How do we eradicate police shooting our kids and the massive black on black killings plaguing our streets?


Do we turn our attention on cyberbullying or the lack of education and quality teachers in our schools? Do we just go to our underemployed overworked jobs that we should be overjoyed that they allow us to barely sit at the table and you know we are not even touching the glass ceiling?  No instead we calmly and humbly retreat to our cubicle and work like a good little worker bee.  Do we respond by trying to keep the doors open in our business, ignoring the deplorable situations and circumstances impacting our families, communities and our lives?


It is often said, to start a business all you need to do is find a problem, solve it and you will make money. Okay, there are  sooooo many problems in our Black communities. I also believe there are folks in our communities with solutions to these problems so guess what, we should be millionaires, billionaires, trillionaires (Right)!

We know it is easier said than done, starting a business, having access to capital and turning a profit.  We must stay in business long enough to turn a profit and after reading this startling statistic,  we have come to the conclusion that something must be done, change must happen and it must happen NOW!

“The average black-owned business has revenues of $58,119; the average white-owned business has revenues of $552,079. The average business owned by a black woman has revenues of $69,101, while the average business owned by a white woman brings in nearly three times as much — $189,037.” Resource: (Oct. 5, 2016)

Back to our original question, what are Black entrepreneurs doing about the #DeleteFacebook Movement? More importantly, what are you doing about it? 


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