Cruise 4 Self- Care

Self-care is critical as a business owner, mother, parent, and worker bee. I had the opportunity to experience my first ever cruise and I discovered some valuable lessons from this experience. You might thing, why would a blog about entrepreneurship focus on cruising? Hang tight and I think I can wrap this up in a nice small package that will make sense (if not) just let me know to go back to the drawing board.


Is your life in cruise control or are you pulling your hair out by it roots (or nothing is left to pull out) because you are overworked and stressed out? Hopefully, you are in cruise control, which means you are in sync (not out of balance), cool, calm and collected. This cruise afforded me an opportunity to (RRR) relax, reset and refocus. Lesson #1 take time out to relax, reset and refocus (aka) self-care!

In life we should do what we love and love what we do. This is called passion and living life like it is golden. If you know anything about me, you know that I love to dance. When I think about trained dancers, they dance because they love to dance; they dance because they want to dance. This is what life is about “dance in life, because life is a dance.” Lesson #2 Dance in life. On my cruise I did exactly that, I took dance classes, I danced all night and I had a great time. You get one life-this is not a test run-this is the real thing so do your dance.

Glow Party

Money and more money. Everything they do on the ship involves making money (for the cruise line) spending money (this is your part) and ensuring you have the best experience possible. If they can get you on the ship-they believe you will get on another ship (and another ship). The cruise line is constantly promoting and reminding you about your next experience. Business is about providing a product or service that satisfies your customers and you receive money in exchange.  Are you giving your customers the best experience possible and are you consistently marketing, branding and promoting your business?  Lesson #3 Satisfied customers tell others and unsatisfied customers also tell others.

Life can teach us so many lessons if we open up our minds and remain teachable. Cruising is like a never-ending party, a city on the water. We realize that as entrepreneurs we can’t party all night, every night, yet as we work hard, we should take some time to play harder-enjoy life.  I would love to hear any valuable lessons you’ve learned from your life that you applied to your business.  There are more incredible stories on Black Entrepreneur Experience, the Podcast that shines the light on the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. #Beepodcast

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