Reginald F. Lewis



Could you imagine meeting and interviewing the late great Mr. Reginald F. Lewis? He was a prominent African American finance executive, entrepreneur and savvy businessman. His 1987 structured deal for his company TLC Group to buy the international food division of Beatrice Foods for $985 million put him in the spotlight, as well as on the maps and minds of Wall Street. During that time, it was the largest offshore leveraged-buyout ever. Here are some valuable lessons we can learn from Reginald F. Lewis.

  •  He started early learning about money @ age 8 he delivered the newspaper and saved for a rainy  day (advice from his grandmother).
  • He traveled the world and had an affinity for France (grandfather’s influence) and later purchased a home there.
  •   He started his own Wall Street Law Firm and later his own investment firm TLC Group.
  •  He excelled in sports and academics, graduating with a degree in Economics.
  •  He struggle with law school, but eventually graduated from Harvard Law School
  •   Family was important to him and he took heed to the voice of his grandparents.
  •   He was included on the Forbes 400 wealthiest list and one of the first African American businessman to make the list.
  •  He understood the art of leveraging money and ROI (he made 90-to-1) return on TLC initial investment.
  •  He co-authored “Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun? How Reginald Lewis Created a Billion-Dollar Empire.”
  •  He was a philanthropist and he gave $3 million to Harvard.  He was the first American Americans to have a building named in his honor. 

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